Using your magic

Is there a dream you want to create but you haven’t been able to make it happen? 

Perhaps you are not sure if your dream would succeed, so you can’t just

  • Quit your job
  • Borrow money
  • Pursue your dream as a college major
  • Do it as a side gig

But what if you were sure what would work?  What if you could take a look into the future?  What if you knew right away what would succeed and the best approach to it?  What if you knew you would succeed in October but not in August?  What if you knew that teaching one subject is your calling but you would be a failure at teaching something else?

This is where learning to use your intuition can help you see past worries and fears and unfounded ideas.  When I say using intuition, I mean using more of your intelligence;  the intellect of which you are aware as well as those feelings and dreams and fleeting thoughts you might be tempted to ignore.

Accessing that inner landscape in a holistic way can show you what is likely to work for you, what is likely not to work, how you may need to tweak your plans and all with enough whys and wherefores that you can feel some certainty about it.  And make a decision.   I do not believe you can predict the future for certain.  The future is always subject to change.  But you can get a greater sense of what is possible using intuition.

Virginia was starting a business as a sales coach.  She had the knowledge and experience but not the credentials, so she wondered if she had the communication skills to close sales.  When she looked intuitively at her experience as a sales person and an influential colleague and parent, and extrapolated that experience out over the sales problems she would solve, she knew she would provide more practical assistance than her competition. She proceeded with greater confidence.   But she could also see some situations she would not know how to handle, so she sought her mentor’s help with those before she got started.

Alice had learned acupuncture but had young children and couldn’t afford to quit her job and open a clinic no matter how she saved.  When Alice was guided to use her intuition to look at possible futures for her healing business, she saw things differently.  She had gotten a good education and made a strong decision to practice acupuncture.  She knew her interest and ability.  She started putting the decision to her inner guidance.  Instead of opening a clinic, she simply decided to practice as a side gig.  She determined what expenses she could cover and found an inexpensive place to practice.  Within a month, she was building clientele and breaking even – on weekends and evenings.  This was a huge step for her to take and yet, once she really understood herself, she knew it was manageable.

The conscious intellect we are aware of is only a small part of the entire consciousness and all our vast intelligence.  We perceive with body, emotions, energy, other intelligences we don’t even understand.  Once we learn to get answers from more of this intelligence, including the messages from our emotions, we can make more certain yet careful decisions.  

Tapping into the greater “mind” and our holistic knowing also allows us to align our plans to our desires on a more complete and authentic level.  This is when the magic of manifestation occurs and our energies line up to bring us a more flowing experience of success.  When pursuing an authentic goal;  a dream which is well suited for us, then the attitude becomes more positive and the beliefs support the work, we have the courage to take that step we haven’t taken before, knowing it will satisfy us.

We are tapping into the vaster self which creates our most basic preferences and needs.  Join a brief, guided meditation to get in touch with your intuitive knowing and see how the process works.  Thursday August 19th 8 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time