Authenticity is More Effective than Positivity  

For creating what you want, it is more important to be authentic than it is to be positive.  Authenticity aligns your energy impeccably.  

Who continuously holds a positive state?  If they had to think positively to create, who would create anything?  Positivity, itself, may be unaligned if you are not a perfectly positive person.

Allowing ourselves to be authentic ends any conflict.  We are aligned with our authenticity always, without effort. 

You will draw to yourself the circumstances which align with you even when you intend to draw something else.  When you struggle with yourself, you may create more struggle. 

When you accept your authenticity, you send out a nice, clear signal; a coherent vibration which aligns with circumstances that suit you.

Remaining aligned, you create in a coherent and satisfying way.  

An intuitive approach to goals and dreams is more holistic.  Tapping into intuition taps into more of your intelligence and allows you to perceive and pursue your authentic drives and desires. 

I’m positive!