You have your very own sure fire magic to manifest your dreams.  If you use it, you will create what you want with pretty amazing power.  

But, this magic probably is not what you’ve been told and is not where you have looked for it.   With the paradox of all magic, it is at once the easiest thing you can do yet it requires dedication and focus. 

Your magic is created out of positive thoughts, fleeting happy emotions and believing in things.  But you do not need positive thoughts or happy feelings to invoke your magic and make it work.  Most of us have been taught methods of dream creation which don’t really work on a consistent basis.  Whether we use the traditional set-a-goal-and-work-hard approach or the use-the-power-of-your-vision approach, you have probably not succeeded all the time to create your dreams.  (If you have, why are you reading this?  Go enjoy!)

The real magic is in your authenticity.  A true expression of you works when you are in a bad mood, but yo

u won’t stay in a bad mood for long if you express yourself that fully.  When taking actions to express that which you do most naturally, you will believe in your ability.  This is why, when they learn to use intuition or the fullest range of their intelligence to make choices, my clients are easily able to see more than their intellect allows and create really satisfying changes in their lives.

When we learn to get real and follow the deeper urgings of our authentic selves – as long as it respects others’ boundaries – we can have surprising good fortune.  I can remember complaining to a chief officer in a company that employed me.  I was moved by a deep desire to do my best work, but this should have been a political kiss of death.  I was amazed to see the situation sort itself out in a few weeks.  I went from having little control to leading one of the best performing branches in the country. 

Whenever you wave a magic wand, there is an element of surprise when the magic result manifests because it manifests in ways it seems it shouldn’t – like magic!

We spend a lot of life being told how to do things the right way.  Not your way?  Too bad!  Not what you love?  So sorry!  We do our best to learn how to do what we’ve been taught with greater or lesser success.  

If you are very lucky, you have an idea of what your magic authenticity is like, some part of it was discovered.  Someone encouraged you or your special skills worked too well to be ignored.  Chances are, the real you has been trying to crash the party at embarrassing moments, all your life, though you may have been taught to act as if that wasn’t really happening.  

But you probably have a clue of those pursuits that are very easy for you.  It may be difficult to believe that not everyone is good at what you do magically.  Trust them when they tell you they are not.  You may have a dream that just won’t die about how you really, really want to spend your time.  You may as well pursue that dream because it probably won’t go away no matter how well you ignore it.

Think of a time, if you can, when you expressed your true authenticity.  It probably wasn’t supposed to turn out well but it did.  Maybe you did your job in an original way that worked perfectly, said something that was not politic but brilliant.  It could be the way you mixed the paint, spiced the food, or wrote that phrase that gave everyone the chills…

If you follow the clues, you can find your magic.  Your special magic.  You may have to dig deep to find the pieces.  You may need to put the puzzle together until you get it right.  You may have to ignore the questions of people who don’t know why you would follow a particular path. Being careful to protect this information from those who won’t understand what you are doing or from people who will protect the status quo.

What is easy for you?  What do your friends admire?  What did you want to do all your life?  What country do you love?  What movies?  What is your dream life?  Not an escape dream, but your deeply personal one.

You will have to take action, but listen, that action is a lot of fun when you are using your magic.  The positive thoughts and the beliefs will take care of themselves  Your authenticity taps into a deeper part of you than your affirmations.  

Align with you in just one area of your life and you have the most suitable magic wand.