Of course you have psychic skills.  There are numerous, scientific, double blind studies showing that picking up information in a psychic way is common though a lot of this activity occurs at a somewhat less than conscious way.  This evidence is accepted and put to use by corporations and governments. (Check out writings of Dean Radin, Russell Targ or Joseph McMoneagle,  just for starters.)

So why do some of us have better access to our intuition than others if we all have it?  It doesn’t help that it is a common belief that this way of knowing is not real.  It also doesn’t help that most of our education trains us to work out of the intellect, which is full of data which can distract us from feelings and intuitive messages. 

We tend to edit out our thoughts that don’t make sense and ignore the feelings that come with them that are trying to get our attention. 

I once discussed a consulting contract over lunch, the details of which were everything I ever wanted.  My stomach was clenching, however, and a mental voice reminded me of a relationship in which I had felt trapped.  I brushed those thoughts aside.  Why am I thinking of that when I need to pay attention to this consulting opportunity which looks so good?  You can probably fill in the rest of the story. 

The problem was not a lack of intuitive ability.  My intuition was yelling at me loud and clear, using strong feelings and even speaking in simple declarative sentences! 

Another problem with accessing intuition is we have had no training in interpreting the information we get.  I had a persistent feeling of dread about signing that consulting contract but chalked it up to doing something new and difficult.  I didn’t know how to see it neutrally and recognize an impossible work situation.  (I was hired to be the buffer between the IT department and an intensely difficult senior manager.)

The not-so-tangible information we pick up all the time is often more important than the information we acknowledge and discuss as fact.  Using this aspect of intelligence is really very helpful in management, parenting, therapy, sales… and it can be cultivated. 

Some of us cultivate intuition through the course of our activities.  But many of us would like to benefit from cultivating it more.  It is a matter of paying attention to the input we get and learning to understand it.

Being open to receiving psychic input is a good first step;  becoming aware of physical feelings and emotions and what they are doing from moment to moment can provide an intuitive alert system. Most of us have been trained to censor this information, but learning to turn the attention to feelings and emotions at will, provides specific information.

Being able to quiet the intellect and hear the whispered messages that come along with the tide of facts allows us to receive intuitive input.   You don’t have to meditate for years, but only to turn down the noise from time to time.  It requires a bit of practice to quiet the intellect sufficiently, but the benefits are profound.  Not only will you be open to more of your intelligence, but you will enjoy more peace as well.

Learning to discern intuitive information and understand its messages is the aspect of using intuition that can be tricky even for the experienced.  It requires consistent practice and can benefit from training.   Training in an energetic framework for perceiving mental and emotional images very clearly can polish normal intuitive skills into  broader and more reliable perception.  Training of this sort clears the mind, improves emotional intelligence and reduces stress,