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      Aligning Intuition with Right Action

Who I am and Who I Serve 

I am a  trainer, certified coach, and a trained claivoyant and I use these skills to help people find their unique magic to make satisfying, authentic life changes.  I use intuition (magic) to do practical things.  I serve those who are willing make significant positive changes in their life.  I help those who would like to master their special magic and call on their intuitive  skills to create and succeed.  Whether we focus on a single issue or significant creation, the goal is an improved life experience.

About Intuitive Mentoring and Coaching

I use my intuition and intuitive skills to assess and clear the energy around your authenticity.  I  help you  apply your own intuition, that is, your inner wisdom for finding direction and making successful choices.  Essentially, we use your unique magic and the energetic skills which are authentically yours so they bring you powerful, satisfying results.  We work with creative energy and see beyond blind spots.  We use an hypnotic, meditative approach which broadens perceptions and gives you access to your inner wisdom.

When you use your magic, you reclaim your original self, and create goals that suit who you really are.  Much of the grief on this planet is from the loss of this authentic expression.  Finding it will help you achieve what really satisfies you and will restore community and health.

You learn to manage your energy and avoid pitfalls that have kept you from succeeding before.  Creating even one authentic goal has a cascade effect, and other parts of your life  become more suited to you.   

How We Work Together

My orientation to you and your world often questions conventional wisdom and finds that it is sometimes not supported by facts.  There is healing which is connected to the instinctive, tribal, ancient side of life.  We can access this wisdom to connect to something lost in modern life, including the intuitive ways of knowing and using your personal magic.  

I use my intuition to help you recognize and achieve results you truly want.  At the same time, I show you how to develop and use your own intuitive vision for continued guidance and clarity.  I provide unstinting support as you create more satisfying life experiences.

This empowers you and allows you to align with your unique expression and success.  I bring new information and connections to light while you easily learn to access more of your intelligence.  

Benefits of Intuitive Mentoring

Shift into a more effective, creative mindset

Untangle patterns that block happiness

Awaken and use your own intuition

Create life changes that you truly want  

Own and use your authentic talents you were meant to bring to the world.


Engage My Support 

30 minute Free Consult to discuss your needs

Give me 15- 20 minutes and I will help you see what you can change to get better results and clear some of your energy around it.  

We can discuss the ways I could help you, and the sessions involved.

In this Free Consult, you may decide to engage further services and choose a mentoring package

To Schedule a Free Consult



Intuitive Coaching and Mentoring Sessions 

You may schedule a Free Consult and decide you wish to engage my support in Intuitive Coaching and Mentoring or you may schedule individual Mentoring sessions

A session runs just under an hour and a half and provides significant help and support.

Intuitive Mentoring Sessions are geared to provide reading, clearing and healing on a specific intention and give you orientation to the next step on your path.

To Schedule, choose Intuitive Mentoring Sessions on my booking page

Intuitive Mentoring and Coaching Series 

We create an encouraging space designed to achieve the changes you desire.  Define your dream so it suits you and learn to engage your magical ability to work successfully with the energy of change and creation.  Enjoy support developing and pursuing the strategy that moves you directly through new territory.

Create a Life Change  – 5 to 7 weeks              

Transformation – 10 to 12 weeks

Book a free Consult to Inquire.   

 Free Facebook Group for Community Support and Practical Skill Building

Your Magic To Create Dreams

Enjoy video “Energy Hack” tutorials, meditations to practice skills, share information with others building intuitive magic.  Anyone can join but only members can see what is posted.

Classes:  Learn how to use your unique magic and creative energy – various topics will be announced

Tap into your unique magic.

Learn to apply your inner wisdom and intuitive abilities to create.

Your personal magic grows through your experience.

Various topics and schedules will be announced.


Your Magic To Create Dreams

Enjoy video tutorials, meditations to practice skills, share information with others building intuitive magic.

Classes:  How to use your unique magic and creative energy 

Tap into your unique magic.

Learn to apply your inner wisdom and intuitive abilities to create.

Your personal magic grows through your experience.

Various topics and schedules will be announced.


About Me

An MBA,  Certified Relationship Coach,  and experienced manager,  I also have  experience as a trainer of clairvoyant skills.  I have used NLP and hypnotic techniques for training and coaching people individually and in business communications & sales.

I have extensive leadership and training experience which I have integrated into a unique approach.  We make powerful shifts to your energy while developing your ability to access intuitive intelligence to serve you in creating desired life changes.

Clients make changes such as finding ease in making difficult decisions, bringing more of their talents to their projects, seeing their appropriate life path, and using intuition with clarity and neutrality.



I met Ruth when I was in search of … healing work. I am proud to call her my friend.  She has helped me numerous times … balance my energy, clear my energy fields, and guided me in my learning. I trust her implicitly and I don’t say that about many people in my life.  She helps you understand what is going on in your life through energy…  She guides you through your session and you are always safe. 

Kathy T.

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