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About My Work

There is healing which is connected to the instinctive, tribal, ancient side of life.  We can access an ancient wisdom to connect to something lost in modern life.   Just as many of us have found health through ancestral diets, there is healing to be had through the intuitive ways of knowing that our ancestors enjoyed.  I coach a different orientation to the world which questions conventional wisdom, and finds that it is often not supported by facts. 

I use my intuition to help you achieve results you want.  At the same time, I show you how to develop and use your own intuitive vision.

This empowers you and allows you to align with your unique expression and success.  I bring new information and connections to light while you easily learn to access more of your intelligence.  This empowers you to make decisions and create satisfying life experiences.

I coach individuals to reorient themselves to a natural reality which is abundant, and more grace filled than the man made matrix we are taught to believe in.  In this reality, you have a niche and you will thrive in that niche, by being yourself, not fitting in.  This is especially important for those who have been marginalized by society and have trouble thriving, such as mature workers, creatives, or empaths. 

Shift into a more positive mindset

Navigate life challenges

Strengthen your sense of power

Understand your mission

Untangle patterns that block happiness

Awaken your own intuition,

Manifest what you truly want in life

What Is Intuitive Coaching?

I use my intuition to access information for you and about you, but it doesn’t end there.  I also help you to tap into your intuition, use more of your intelligence, and develop your own perceptions and awareness.  

Perceiving your energy can help you become conscious of what your energy is creating so you can easily take charge of your creations and have more of the experience you want. 

Perception of your energy can help you in many other ways, including:

  • Letting the energy of emotions flow to be released so you don’t accumulate “baggage”
  • Getting in touch with the soul and spirit and tapping into their knowledge and intelligence
  • Understanding hidden aspects of situations
  • Projecting where a course of action is likely to lead
  • Perceiving secret or hidden motivations behind people’s actions

Intuitive Coaching uses the intuitive gifts which include clear seeing, hearing and feeling, but may include a broader range of information sources than the typical channelling or reading. 

Being perceived intuitively tends to shift your energy and feelings and change your awareness for the better and can be valuable for that reason alone.


How Intuitive Coaching Can Benefit You

Get intuitive guidance to align with your own unique expression for a more successful and easy experience. 

Learn to access your own intuitive intelligence.

Learning to use your intuition helps you get better results, especially if you are a healer, helper, teacher or facilitator.  

Build hope and optimism by seeing positive trends and constructive directions.  At a time when pessimism is prevalent, it is healing to know there is a bigger and brighter reality.

Change the way you think, feel and act.  Get more satisfying results.

Work with energy of experience to manifest a different experience


What is The Process Like?

Bring together diverse ideas, associating things you might not think were related can present knowledge in a new and helpful way.  It can provide the “Aha” moments of realization, in answer to such questions as:  How I could put my skills together differently? Why is he acting that way? What issues need to be addressed to achieve what I want?  What does my client or friend really want? 

1. Recognizing Talents, benefits and resources.

Many people ignore at least one of their strongest talents or they got talked into someone else’s not-very-empowering evaluation of their skills and character.

2. A neutral look at current conditions

A neutral look at present conditions is the first step to change.  A clean, respectful presentation of intuitive information allows you to move forward. 

3. Relationships and your energy

See the effect your relationships have on your energy.  Whether your job is what’s making you tired or you need to set strong boundaries with a sibling or spend more time with that cheerful friend, managing your energy improves your life.

4, Developing Emotional Intelligence

Developing emotional intelligence allows the energy of your emotions to flow without resistance or and keeps your awareness in the present, improving your well being and creativity.

Coaching Packages

Develop Your Intuition Classes and Tutoring

,Inquire about 10 Session class on the basics of intuitive knowing or polishing an existing practice, with emphasis on neutral perception, great boundaries and can apply these skills to your work if you choose.  $1500

Individual Sessions


  • A 60+ minute reading with coaching to get more of what you want from your situation.
  • Tutoring or mentoring to apply and hone your intuition 
  • Break unwanted patterns
  • Take steps toward what you want.
$195  $100

3 Session Intention Setting

3-Session Package to make lasting progress with your intention. Three sessions (within a predetermined time span.)  Includes a personalized meditation to reinforce the changes you wish to make.

$500  $300

5 Session Transformation

5 Session Package to really clear your energy toward a specific intention.  Five sessions (within two months) to help you perceive and reinforce changes, with personalized applications of techniques to keep you on track.

$775  $500

About Me

As an MBA,  Certified Relationship Coach,  and experienced manager,  I train and coach business people in bringing more of their intelligence to business relationships and decisions.

I am a mindset expert with a unique approach of channeling your energy to help you make the most of your talents and skills, and access your personal power in a healthy way.

Tap into your intuition, expand your awareness and use more of your intelligence in relationships and decisions.  Build  easy, mutually beneficial relationships and connect with with the people who are the right fit for you personally and professionally.


I can attest to both Ruth’s journey and her ability to help people. I met Ruth several years ago when I was in search of some healing work. I am proud to call her my friend. She really loves to help people and is an avid learner. She has helped me numerous times both balance my energy, clear my energy fields, and guided me in my learning. I trust her implicitly and I don’t say that about many people in my life. Ruth is always willing to take time with her clients and never rushes them. She helps you understand what is going on in your life through energy work. She guides you through your session and you are always safe. Some people are nervous or even afraid to seek the kind of help that Ruth can provide. I assure you that any fear or nervousness will quickly subside when you are taking that journey with Ruth as your guide.

Kathy T.

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