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Holistic Creation & Problem Solving

When I need to achieve something, it’s always wonderful if I can find a how-to on Youtube, or look up the steps and follow them.  This is the standard approach to solving problems, doing, and creating new things and we’ve been taught to apply it to everything we do. ...

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Focusing on Accountability

While competent coaching should include helping you with accountability.  To call it “Accountability Coaching”  assumes you will not do what you know you should do, on your own, and makes the accountability the priority. The worst kind of accountability coaching is...

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Emotional Intelligence & Intuition

Emotional Intelligence & Intuition

Emotional Intelligence, which is the ability to identify and manage our own emotions, requires self awareness, self regulation and empathy.  These same abilities are required for intuitive awareness.  The development of intuitive perception and the development of...

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