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How I help you        discover & use          your unique magic

I help you recognize and use your unique magic.

I am an intuitive, life coach and practitioner of Neurolinguistics (how people think) and I help individuals find their personal magic and align with their unique power.

My coaching encourages you to express your unique individual nature, clear and heal what gets in the way, and step-by-step, create changes or dreams you desire, which are deeply satisfying and bring your IMPORTANT gifts to the world.  

Together we use intuitive our intuitive perceptions what your unique personal magic is that makes manifesting your dreams relatively flowing and easy.  Being authentic is far more powerful for creating than being positive.  When you are authentic, all parts of you align with your desires – even parts that are not in your conscious awareness.  Then, you aim yourself more directly toward an experience you really want.  

We do this by hypnotic and intuitive explorations of your special magic, and acceptance of your emotions and desires.  We may heal and clear energies that are not helping. 

I offer Strategic Shortcuts that help you directly evolve your dreams from your current situation.  And, because even the best change can be uncomfortable, I hold your hand through the changes so you can get where you are going!

I have a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and have been bronze certified in the Sandler Sales System, as well as having a coach certification through the University of NLP, so I know strategy, sales and communication.

I have brought intuitive wisdom into all of my work; Coaching sales staff to listen intuitively and providing “gut feelings” to other managers.  As an intuitive personality type (Myers Briggs INFJ) it is second nature for me to seek hidden information and make intuitive connections.

 I studied and taught intuitive perception online for several years for the Academy of Clairvoyance and Consciousness in Seaside California and still collaborate on special projects with that staff.  I can help you access your intuitive knowledge.


My reading was accurate and very unique – exactly what I needed!  

Christine B.

Thanks again for the call… it was incredible how much it connected for me! 

John W.

She was able to give me excellent insight into issues in my life when I was going through some tough challenges.

Paul S.


Creating What You Want 

guided  techniques for accessing your Unique Magic

I offer support to you in using your intuitive magic, and hypnotic meditations to help you explore inner space and to create changes you desire.  Join me on Facebook.  Your Magic to Create Dreams

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Benefits of Intuitive Coaching

Shift Into A More Positive Mindset

Access and Use Your Unique Power

Understand Your Mission

Untangle Patterns That Block Happiness

Awaken Your Own Intuition

Manifest What You Truly Want In Life

My Approach

My use of intuition and coaching are unique in a number of ways.  We use my intuition and yours to create more of what you want.

Intuitive practices call on your whole intelligence including the magical part of yourself.  You may have been taught that it doesn’t exist, that your dreams are just dreams.  But, the ills of this world will be cured by individuals expressing their true selves and bringing the magic and miracles of their authentic energy into the mix, balancing out the small-minded group think and common knowledge.

If you start with one important dream that would satisfy your true self and accomplish it, or even part of it, your life becomes more authentic and more deeply satisfying.  With one such accomplishment, a natural domino effect occurs, just as moving one chair can result in rearranging a roomful of furniture! 

I have been trained to eliminate or avoid personal bias as much as possible in my perceptions.  My intention is to provide you with information or validation which helps you.

I help you use your intuition to perceive your situation in light of your authentic, true self, and with the intention of coaching you to change your energy, feelings and behavior to get more of the results that will satisfy you deeply.  I  offer practices which will help you feel and function better.

Together we invite a magical transformation enabling you to recognize the unique powers and talents you have to create exactly what you really want.  

I have been trained as a teacher of clairvoyant reading, so I communicate to you in a way that helps you pick up and perceive more of the information I convey.  I also offer in-tuition or tutoring, if you choose, to tutor you in your own intuitive perceptions.  I offer this at any level whether you are highly experienced or not at all.  We all have the ability to use our intuitive intelligence to varying degrees.

I absolutely loved the session and felt validated and confident in myself afterwards.  It helped me not worry about my future anymore because of what I saw and felt.  

Anne M.

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