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My Story

I am an intuitive, life coach and practitioner of Neurolinguistics (how people think) who helps individuals align with their unique power.

My coaching encourages you to express your unique individual nature.  

Together we see where your current energy is likely to take you in the future (it’s probably better than you expect!) and aim yourself more directly toward the experience you want.

We do this by breaking old patterns that don’t support what you want and helping you deal with emotions more comfortably.

I have an intuitive reading practice and work as a manager and sales coach for a non profit.  I have a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and am bronze certified in the Sandler Sales System, as well as having a coach certification through the University of NLP.

I have brought intuitive wisdom into all of my work.  I coach sales staff to listen intuitively and other managers ask me for my “gut feelings”  As an intuitive personality type (Myers Briggs INFJ) it is second nature for me to seek hidden information and make intuitive connections.

 I studied and taught intuitive perception online for several years for the Academy of Clairvoyance and Consciousness in Seaside California and still collaborate on special projects with that staff.


My reading was accurate and very unique – exactly what I needed!  

Christine B.

Thanks again for the call… it was incredible how much it connected for me! 

John W.

She was able to give me excellent insight into issues in my life when I was going through some tough challenges.

Paul S.


Creating What You Want 

45 minutes of guided  techniques for accessing your intuitive perception

Hypnotic meditations guiding you to release

resistance to your goals and dreams.  We practice an

easy approach you won’t find in popular literature. 

Reach more directly into a vast, little known part of

the mind which creates your reality. 

We start with a brief hello, with or without

video, then use only audio for the meditative


Thursday,  May 20 

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Thursday, June 3rd     

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Benefits of Intuitive Coaching

Shift Into A More Positive Mindset

Navigate Life Challenges

Strengthen Your Sense Of Power

Understand Your Mission

Untangle Patterns That Block Happiness

Awaken Your Own Intuition

Manifest What You Truly Want In Life

My Approach

My use of intuition is unique in a number of ways which may be helpful to you in your situation.

My readings mainly access my own higher perceptions;  that is, knowledge from my higher self based on your energy.  I have been trained to eliminate or avoid personal bias as much as possible in my perceptions.  My intention is to provide you with information or validation which helps you in the context of your life. 

I perceive your situation in a way that will bring unknown or unconscious factors to light  and with the intention of coaching you to change your energy, feelings and behavior to get more of the results you desire.  I may offer practices which will help you feel and function better.

Often, intuitive coaching involves my intuition and yours as well.  Sometimes its most useful for you to look at the situation using your own intuitive perceptions.  Not only do you learn to use more of your intelligence, but you see the situation first hand, with my guidance.  This empowers you, giving you a personal experience and more awareness of the nuances of a given situation.

I have been trained as a teacher of clairvoyant reading, so I communicate to you in a way that helps you pick up and perceive more of the information I convey to you.  I offer in-tuition or tutoring, if you choose, to tutor you in your own intuitive perceptions.  I offer this at any level whether you are highly experienced or not at all.  We all have the ability to use our intuitive intelligence to varying degrees.

Intuitive practices improve emotional intelligence and can be focused on handling emotions in healthy ways; feeling the emotions, receiving the messages they bring and freeing yourself of them which improves your mood and your perceptions.

I absolutely loved the session and felt validated and confident in myself afterwards.  It helped me not worry about my future anymore because of what I saw and felt.  

Anne M.

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