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Intuitive support 

Mentoring approach

My use of intuition, mentoring and coaching are unique in a number of ways.  We use my intuition to help you use yours to create more of what you want.  Everyone has intuitive skills and magic they can apply this way.

Intuitive practices call on your whole intelligence including the magical part of yourself.  You may have been taught that it doesn’t exist, that your dreams are just dreams.  But, the ills of this world will be cured by individuals expressing their true selves and bringing the magic and miracles of their authentic energy into the mix, balancing out small-minded group think and common knowledge.

I have been trained to eliminate much personal bias in my perceptions .  My intention is to provide you with  information pertaining to you and give you validation which helps you. 

My coaching is magical yet practical. You learn to manage your energy to create change, follow Strategic Shortcuts and take action steps which evolve your dream from your current situation.  Even the best change can be uncomfortable, so I hold your hand throughout so you can get where you are going!

Come to me if you want to make changes.  I can help you  powerfully use your magic.  You’ll get custom support, not platitudes.  We’ll discover actions you can take as a human if you choose.  You will learn practices that help, and processes that work, not rules.

If you start with one important dream that would satisfy your true self and accomplish it, or even part of it, your life becomes more authentic and more deeply satisfying.  A natural domino effect occurs, just as moving one chair can result in rearranging a roomful of furniture! 

I help you use your intuition to perceive your situation in light of your authentic, true self.  I show you how to change your energy, feelings and behavior to get more of the results that will satisfy you deeply. 

Together we invite a magical transformation enabling you to recognize the unique powers and talents you have to create exactly what you really want.


I absolutely loved the session and felt validated and confident in myself afterwards.  It helped me not worry about my future anymore because I saw and felt what my future could be.  I just moved forward confidently, because I knew I would succeed.

Anne M.


Discover & use          your unique magic

The world needs your unique gifts and you can provide them as no one else when you own your authentic magic.  Fulfilling your purpose is very satisfying for you as well.  You create  a happier and more successful life for yourself.

At no time in my memory have world conditions called on us so imperatively to be our authentic selves, and offer our particular gifts.  Whether you are mildly dissatisfied with things, actively resigning, retired and seeking purpose or just not sure how to get results you have envisioned, finding your magic will support you to make powerful change.  

You find clarity, intuitive magic, and self healing.  

Learn to envision your future, clear energy that is not helping and heal what gets in the way.  

Being authentic is far more powerful for creating than being positive.  When you are authentic, all parts of you align with your desires   Then, you aim yourself more directly toward an experience you really want.  



Your magic in Community

In my Facebook Group:  Your Magic to Create dreams

You receive support in using your intuitive magic, and connection with others who have similar interests

I offer video energy hacks with tips for using your magic and creativity, managing thoughts and energy, improving ability to create the experiences you want.

Group members are invited to free online hypnotic meditations which explore inner space and practice inner magic to create.

Join me on Facebook and join others in posting opinions, questions and giving feedback on using their magic

Facebook group:  Your Magic to Create Dreams

Anyone can join, but the content is private and available only to group member.

I absolutely loved the session and felt validated and confident in myself afterwards.  It helped me not worry about my future anymore because I saw and felt what my future could be.  I just moved forward confidently, because I knew I would succeed.

Anne M.

The session was accurate and very unique – exactly what I needed!  … it showed me a lot so I understood my situation.

Christine B.

Thanks again for the call… it was incredible how much it connected for me!   It cut through to the issue so I was able to think it through clearly.

John W.

Ruth was able to give me excellent insight into issues in my life when I was going through some tough challenges and gave me some tools for getting good results.

Peter S.

Benefits of Intuitive Coaching

Get Powerful Intuitive Support

Access and Use Your Unique Power

Understand and perceive your Mission

Untangle Patterns That Block Happiness

Bring more awareness to your creation

Use your own intuition with more clarity

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