Can you relate to Square Peg?  Square Peg has spent much of her life trying to squeeze into a round job, relationship, or neighborhood.  Sometimes she remains silent when her friends discuss their round world and hopes her corners will not be noticed.

Square Peg had had coaching, therapy, attended workshops and read books about how to become round.  Plastic surgeons have offered to file off her corners and she has wondered if it would be worth it.

Unfortunately, Peg is spending a lot of energy listening to other people’s ideas about success and hiding her own when she feels vulnerable.  Other people tend to sense that Peg is not being quite honest with them, because people do pick up such cues.  And Peg is not being herself, so no, she is not being straight with others.

The lack of authenticity makes others uncertain of Peg.  Should I introduce her to my brother-in-law?  She seems like she has things in common with him, but I’m not sure.  Should I urge her to apply for that directorship in my company?  I can’t tell if it would be her cup of tea and I sure wouldn’t want to promote her if it were not a good fit.

Far from being an impostor who hides her true thoughts, Peg is someone most of us can relate to, more or less.  Peg was urged by her family to fit in socially.  If not, we can be sure that she was trained by others in her workplace to toe the party line and be careful about opposing what everybody in the office knows.  Even on social media sites, Peg’s posts have probably provoked criticism (and maybe even hostility if she posted on a neighborhood site!)

Peg has probably been urged to look to higher ups in her field to see how to behave and succeed.  But, Peg may have been better off looking to rock stars and psychic mediums to see how to be audaciously who she is and succeed.

The truth we are generally not told is that we have no choice but to be who we are.  Peg may feel like she was dropped out of an alien spacecraft.  If that is the case, she will never hide it without paying a giant energetic cost.  She would do best by saying “Earthlings!  I am here to share wisdom from my home planet.” 

Peg could keep her soul intact.  She might get pushed forcibly out of some round hole social circles and workplaces.  She might also find out she has some friends who will come out as also having corners.

Does Square Peg sound like an over-simplification?  I assure  you she is not.  Count the number of times you held your peace, bit your tongue, softened your opinion today. 

Being authentic does not mean to let it all hang out and offend everyone in a 5 mile radius.  But, pursuing authentic goals does lead to relatively compatible and friendly environments and honest relationships, not to mention acceptance.  It also opens up a whole new world of abundance, perfect solutions, and devoting energy to pursuits of passion!