There is a tendency to be wary of change because of the loss and upheaval it can bring. Change can pose threats to our biological and social well being and feel quite scary. But, improvements in life are changes, and almost everyone would welcome change in a positive direction, however uncomfortable it might be at first.

Who doesn’t want healing from illness, more money, better relationships? Who wouldn’t like more smiles and fewer tears? Solving problems, making improvements, happy endings – those are the changes we would like to experience.

As a life coach, I regularly see evidence of people’s ability to create change in their favor, or to ride the flow of change in a given direction. If seems it is possible to steer a course, like paddling a canoe, in a desired direction, and create positive change to a significant degree.

And I am talking about steering a course, not improving the canoe. I have struggled with self improvement for years and have witnessed far better results from accepting ourselves and improving our behavior.

Making positive change, in my experience, is best achieved with intuitive information and a few simple approaches. Though we are not generally encouraged to trust our intuition, and the most effective approaches are not the ones we have typically been taught.

Intuitive information, with its wide range of sources, can illuminate hidden connections. It provides intelligence that is highly personalized and helps you see the nature of the change you most need. Intuition can steer a course through current energies and events to best achieve the spirit of your intentions and desires.

Relying on your inner wisdom and using just a few key approaches can leverage positive changes in your life:

  • Bringing just one element of what you love into your life can create a significant positive change in experience. This is most effective when you create an activity, experience or relationship rather than a thing (not that there’s anything wrong with things!)
  • Changing one or two of your patterns of behavior, and bringing them into line with your authentic expression, frees up considerable energy and time. It is a positive change in itself.
  • Remaining consistent and pursuing a desire for just a bit longer than you think it should take, can create a breakthrough. Unless you are headed off a cliff, avoid the impulse to pull back or judge results too quickly.

You have your own unique magic that creates the positive changes that you want. No one else’s formula is so effective as honoring, expressing, trusting and supporting your own magic. This means:

  • Honor your true desires and own your feelings. These are the best sources of information about what to do, how to do it, where and with whom, for the greatest satisfaction. This does not mean always being comfortable. New, exciting things can create some discomfort.
  • Find your authentic expression. Are you an introvert, a performer, an organizer, an empath?  Are you a teacher, a builder, a communicator? Such natural skills, loves and abilities get a lot of leverage in creating change.
  • Take action early and often. It gives you confidence and feedback, and frankly, makes the process fun. Stay authentic, pursue inspired action and avoid impulsive reactions.
  • Get support. Find others who are neutral enough to fully support your intentions. Family, partners, co workers or best friends may not wish to see you change. A mentor, mastermind group or success team helps keep you on track and bolsters confidence.

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