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What Is Intuitive Coaching?

Together, we discover your unique magic and how you can use it to get more of what you want.

I use my intuition to access information for you and about you, but it doesn’t end there. I also help you to tap into your intuition, use more of your intelligence, and develop your own perceptions and awareness.  Together we heal and let go of obstacles as well as create the change you want.

Perceiving your energy can help you become conscious of what your energy is creating so you can easily take charge of your creations and have more of the experience you want.

  • Perception of your energy can help you in many other ways, including
  • Projecting where a course of action is likely to lead
  • Getting in touch with the soul and spirit and tapping into their knowledge and intelligence.
  • Understanding hidden aspects of situations
  • Managing emotions so you benefit from their messages
  • Letting the energy of emotions flow  so you don’t accumulate “baggage”\
  • Perceiving secret or hidden motivations behind people’s actions

Intuitive Coaching uses the intuitive gifts which include clear seeing, hearing and feeling, but may include a broader range of information sources than the typical channeling or reading.

Being perceived intuitively tends to shift your energy and feelings and change your awareness for the better and can be valuable for that reason alone.



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