When I need to achieve something, it’s always wonderful if I can find a how-to on Youtube, or look up the steps and follow them.  This is the standard approach to solving problems, doing, and creating new things and we’ve been taught to apply it to everything we do.  For problems more complex than assembling the child locks or cleaning the filter on the dishwasher, it is usually too simple-minded.

Check out the youtube videos on how to start a business or find a great relationship, what to do about loneliness, or be treated with respect at work.  There’s plenty of good information itis, but requires research and understanding to put it together in a way that works for creating or manifesting a desired situation.



When we succeed at it, the creation and manifestation of desired situations comes from the deeper, less logical and not-at-all obvious parts of the mind.  One author calls these parts of the consciousness “not-mind”  These deeper parts of the self are always at play, even when we think they are not.

A book can give a step-by-step for creating a small business, but it won’t tell how to create it in the perfect way for me.  The intellectual process is important but trying to figure it out intellectually creates tremendous resistance and way too many unknowns to solve for.  We have to combine the intellectual with the ineffable.

My experience has taught me that the not so logical, non-linear, intuitive and emotional parts of the mind help us substitute for the unknown factors, simply and elegantly.  The fastest, easiest way of creating desired outcomes works with the greater mind or (or one author even calls it “not-mind”) in addition to the conscious desires and solutions.   

Intuition allows us to access and communicate with the larger consciousness and introduce desired changes to it.  Or, does the larger mind come up with ways to fulfill those desires and allow us to take conscious credit for them?   Intuition also allows us to understand what solutions will satisfy the authentic you, what larger and deeper consciousness is telling us about directions to take and your progress. 

Intuition provides feelings about your desire, your strategy, your probable success.  Your own intuition may not always be clear to you.  Is that excitement or worry that I feel?  An intuitive friend can see this material when you cannot.  Approaches such as hypnosis and Neurolinguistics also engage your intuition, so you get used to seeing and feeling these things for yourself and with your own unique perceptions!

The results are often stunning if we allow the process to work.  The creation of your desire may end up looking nothing like what you expected, but often you will declare it fitting and satisfying in ways you could not imagine.