You probably know you have access to intuitive information, but do you believe you are reliably intuitive to the extent that you will take responsibility for your intuitive perceptions?  

It’s unfortunate if this is the case, because you deny yourself the use of intuitive perceptions for creating more of what you want in life.  Getting access to inner wisdom for making decisions and solving problems is far more useful than predicting the future or knowing who is calling you.  

However, you may be keeping yourself from the benefits of intuition because you know how intuition should work, not how it actually does work.  You may understand your psychic skills based on rationalism or science, when they emanate from a part of your consciousness that is little understood.  So, they seem not to behave consistently.

You may have learned how to use the energy of creation from platitudes and rules about speaking positive words, vainly repeating affirmations, or attempting to believe what you don’t really believe.

But, psychic skills operate in the present and creation occurs right now.  So, you can say all the positive things you want but if you stuff your negative feelings, it won’t matter.  Youcan affirm all you want for the future, but in the present you are in a state of not having, which puts the kibosh on your creation.  You can say you believe something, but action speaks louder than mental chatter.

The bad news – and the very good news – is that you can use your inner wisdom and marshal your energy to create whether or not you say nice things, believe in good fortune, or are in a good, bad or indifferent mood.   All of these psychic and magical skills operate on a whole different plane of existence. 

If you want to rely on your intuitive skills and your inner wisdom, you can do so, right now, this minute.  You simply step out of the the head space and mental chatter and step into the quiet of being present in the here and now.  

When you practice getting into present magic can operate.  When you are mindful even for a minute or two you open a portal.  You open a doorway to inner wisdom, a channel to magic energy, a space for miracles to come to life.