Development of intuition tends to increase personal growth.   And I might add, it does so in a relatively painless way.   No pain, surprising gain.

Intuition, after all, is perception.  It requires present focus, and tuning out prejudices, bias, contrary beliefs about reality, and the many insane mental voices we all carry around with us.  It requires that we learn to identify what could be neutral intuitive information and what might be our own emotional responses and patterns.

If you’ve ever received an intuitive reading that was scary or depressing, you can be sure the information was tainted with badly handled emotion.  For example, being told you will never achieve your goal, or you must stay with a difficult spouse are scary messages.  (And, by the way, things other people cannot and should not determine for you)  A neutral reading might tell you that you need to take a different course of action to reach your goal or that you still have something to work out with your spouse (like telling them the truth.)

We have been taught to avoid our emotions when thinking, planning and making decisions and may think the solution is to avoid emotions when using our intuition. In truth, sweeping emotions under the rug just gives us something to trip on later.  Emotional land mines prevent being mindfully present and bias perceptions.

Emotional Intelligence means intelligently navigating emotions and using the information they provide; not denying them or wrestling them into submission.  Emotions carry messages.  Important messages.  When we receive those messages, the lines of communication are clearer for all kinds of information. Once we allow our emotions to do what they were meant to do, they settle down to their job and we generally experience more peace.

Knowing how get the information from emotions, allows us to access neutrality and wisdom in our higher perceptions to consider emotional messages as well as intuitive messages.  Whether we call it the Higher self, or the Inner Sage, this more transcendent perspective allows us to be more effective and enjoy inner peace. 

The practices which train us to manage our mental and emotional energies to perceive more clearly, result in a more straightforward experience of emotions

When we simply feel our emotions without resisting them too much, we receive their messages, and let the energy of those emotions flow and shift and move on.  Then we become informed by feelings as we use the higher and more neutral thought centers to access intuitive input. The information provided by emotion may be related to what we perceive intuitively or not.