The law of attraction can work for you but putting it into effect is often a bit different than what you might think.  

You have probably been taught that every word and thought will create your reality.  In truth there are lots aspects of consciousness that you cannot know or control and thoughts rise up and chatter away without regard to your desire to be perfect.

Instead, establishing a supportive baseline mindset of optimism and trust can be a great start for having a happier life.  Practicing this mindset requires a gentle approach that allows magic to work in your life even when you are imperfect, instead of a strict adherence to principles that will get your knickers in a knot of resistance.

Practice the following for several weeks before playing with the energy of creating what you want.

Begin to cultivate a basic optimism.  Build the belief that all things work together for good – even when it isn’t obvious.  I’m not usually a big proponent of affirmations (vain repetition) but this is a good way to use them to remind yourself that everything that happens is a stepping stone to what you want, and to reinforce that all things are working together for good.  Remember that in this moment, everything is just fine and your worries are all in the future.  

For a couple of minutes, several times a day, get into a state that is receptive of magic.  It’s a creative, magical dimension and you become aware of it by taking focus off your intellect.  Relax and sink below the mental chatter, and intellectual thought for at least a few minutes and take this break regularly.  Breathe gently and deeply and be still.  Become aware of your surroundings, what do you hear, feel, taste and see?

Take reasonable action toward what you want in life.  Start with small steps and actions that are sensible and not risky.  Just don’t let baseless fears make you stop.  Get in the habit of acting on your interests.  Google a solution, make an inquiry, test your hypothesis.  When you start working with the energy of creation, taking action is a trigger for manifestation.  Taking action also builds beliefs that you can create what you desire.

Be prepared to have some setbacks.  But don’t let them throw you off track.  A problem may occur that defies optimism, which feels like the end of all good.  When you quiet your mind,  you may find your self thinking awful stuff!  When you think you would like to create something  new, you may experience what seems like the opposite.  These events are a sign that you are on the right track, that you are making a change.  Fear not.  Let it be ok, distract yourself for a while and start again.

You may find that beautiful synchronicities pop up in fairly short order when you practice these things.   Enjoy them.  It could take a month or two before you are in a reasonably stable mindset that creates a happier life.

Once the baseline mindset is established, know that creation occurs in the present moment.  With this mindset, you can create your desires without a perfect mood, belief or vision.  What creation does the unfolding minute hold?  Are you enjoying love, wealth, health right now?  Don’t you feel great?

Take action to create what you desire.  Don’t believe you can write?  Start writing.  Now you believe it.  Don’t believe you are outgoing?  Reach out to people.  Now you’re a friendly person!

Whenever you think of it, enjoy the happiness that is unfolding in the next moment. 

If you are not happy, let it be ok and relax.  Then enjoy a moment of relief, knowing that everything is just fine.