It is a time when people are retiring, quitting, changing industries, changing trades.  We never thought we’d see this great resignation as people seek a different work life, including those who are considering more traditional retirement.

Many of us feel that our options have been narrowed as we consider such changes.   I suggest a different paradigm.  One in which different portals are opening for new possibilities.   With such shifting energies, it is a perfect time to create a dream; bring to life a personal desire and create some straightforward joy.

Far from being a frivolous idea, we all need to bring some light into our lives right now and what better way to do so than to create something you really, really want?  It could be a job, a hobby or a Thursday night class.  You could organize a social club, start a business, rescue terriers, or ride a bike cross country.  At a time when you are expected to do less, I say, be radical and do more.   No one is ready to retire, even if they quit their job!

It’s common knowledge that we can’t just go around creating dreams…isn’t it?  Common knowledge often proves wrong to those who test it.  It’s easier than you might think to create something new that gives you joy; something you always wanted to create.

If you have tried before to create your dream and did not succeed, don’t stop reading now!  You probably did not know all you needed to know to create your intention.  We have all been taught how to create intentions for other people, for employers, for organizations.  But creating a dream for your very own self is different and you probably don’t know the important steps of this kind of creation.

After all, the most popular material on the Law of Attraction is called “The Secret.”  And it is a very well kept secret with important steps you probably never heard of.  Here are some steps that may help you get different results.

These secrets can help you to create something you really, really want.

  • Aim for what you really want.  Never mind what someone else suggested, don’t be tempted by what seems more acceptable, and don’t create it to please your friend or spouse.  Even if you are creating a job, create one you would want to have.
  • Find and use your unique magic.  Most of us were taught to operate like someone else.  We may not have learned to own our special talents to a great extent.  Put the hallmark of that unique magic on your creation.  It could be artistic vision, conflict management, leadership, networking, food, mechanics or any combination.  The most efficient way to create is with magic.  Your magic.  You may need to figure this out.
  • Take action early and often.  I do NOT mean massive action or forcing things to happen.  That’s not creative.  But you should start early to bring the joy of your desire into your life.  Have the first meeting of the social club.  Go out riding.  Continue taking steps and see if they will create what you want.  This prevents resistance and allows course correction.  Besides, the action is the fun part, really.
  • Follow a strategy that doesn’t allow you to drag your feet too much.  Begin offering workshops before writing a vast curriculum.  Put your artwork online.  Don’t wait to fill a gallery.
  • Get a good support system that will give you good support, keep you moving forward, and will assure you that of course you can do this.  Creating new things can be scary, so you need someone to hold your hand.   Develop a mastermind group or success team.  Maybe hire a coach, a trainer, a teacher.  Probably not your family.  I remember my mother questioning whether I could write a novel.  My writing coach seemed to think it was not a big deal.  (I did go on to write one.  Geeze, Mom!

This is a time to do something you have always wanted to do!